On Site Covid-19 Testing

The core of our business is providing end-to-end covid testing. We have all the systems currently in place and operating in over 12 sites in several states from California, to North Carolina:

  1. Our own dedicated, high capacity laboratory
  2. A team of medical doctors that supervise every step of the process
  3. Full support staff
  4. Test kits on hand and ready to deploy at scale
  5. HIPAA compliant systems for patient/doctor confidentiality
  6. Rapid deployment of on-site collection systems, nationwide.

Depending on the needs of the business we will test your employees and in some cases your customers with a mix of the following methods:

RT-PCR Testing

The gold standard of covid testing:

Reverse transcriptase real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) is a nasopharyngeal swab test that processes cells from the inside of the nose, and then analyzes them for the coronavirus’s genetic material (viral RNA).

This viral RNA is processed with enzymes that make numerous copies of the viral RNA. This amplification process allows detection of as few as 3-10 copies of the virus.

With the right systems and approach in place, RT-PCR is an important tool to keep working environments safe.

Serologic Testing

As part of a testing regimen, serologic testing is an important tool.

Used to identify individuals exposed to the coronavirus that have developed an immune response in the form of IgG and IgM antibodies in the blood.

  • One value of this testing method is that previously exposed staff members could theoretically more safely interact with critical unplanned, outside deliveries and interactions

Our Team

Matt Dawson, MD
Founder, CEO
Mike Mallin, MD
Founder, CMO
Andy Williford
COO - Physician Assistant
Jeremy Stitch
COO - Medical Doctor
Luke Murray, MD, MBA
Director - MD, MBA

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