Business Re-Opening Consulting

Do you need a testing regimen? What tests are right for your environment? Which employees are first? How to you protect employees and business operations? How do you manage interaction with the public?

We will develop a custom covid-19 testing strategy that will minimize the risks to your business, employees and stakeholders.

With our clients we review the following:

  • Number of employees
  • The physical work environment
  • Interactions with the public
  • The local prevalence of covid-19
  • Quantity of asymptomatic employees
  • and much more

With a 360 degree understanding of your locations, employees, public interaction and the specific needs of your business, we layout a plan that allows the business to operate without having to worry about risks to your staff or customers.

We understand that some businesses need to move fast to understand their risk, implement a plan and get back to work safely and responsibly.

While each business is different, here are the elements that we will consider as we make recommendations for your business:

  1. Review the 3 available testing methods used for the 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), including the accuracy, logistical advantages, and disadvantages of each. 
  2. Provide recommendations for optimal testing and monitoring of participants. Illustrate how mass, gold-standard viral testing could be performed cost-effectively with an innovative yet scientifically sound method.
  3. Discuss how to make communities local to your business locations safer and healthier.
  4. Provide an overview of options for optimal business operation and recommendations for reduced travel and streamlined logistics.
  5. Provide protocol considerations beyond testing for daily monitoring, social distancing, crowd management, hospitality and food service infection control standards.

Getting back to work is an imperative as is protecting the health of employees and the communities they serve.

If you would like to review with our team how you can best protect your business and your employees from covid-19 with a comprehensive testing strategy, contact us here.

Our Team

Matt Dawson, MD
Founder, CEO
Mike Mallin, MD
Founder, CMO
Andy Williford
COO - Physician Assistant
Jeremy Stitch
COO - Medical Doctor
Luke Murray, MD, MBA
Director - MD, MBA

Free Covid Reopening Course:

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