Operate safely with covid-19 testing and consulting

Wild Health: A medical group of MD's, PhD's, immunologists, with our own laboratory, committed to getting us back to work, school and play as fast and safely as possible.

About Wild Health and Covid Services

The Wild Health team is composed of physicians and scientists who understand event medicine, epidemiology, testing characteristics, and the dangers associated with a poor utilization of testing strategies.

Wild Health’s expertise is in the clinical application of serial testing, disease characteristics, and safety measures allows us to create protocols that bring the risk of infection to the lowest possible level.

We are a team MD's, PhD's, infectious disease experts and business owners.

Matt Dawson, MD
Founder, CEO
Mike Mallin, MD
Founder, CMO
Jeremy Stitch
COO - Medical Doctor
Andy Williford
COO - Physician Assistant
Luke Murray, MD, MBA
Director - MD, MBA
Nicholas Kanaan, MD
COVID Medical Staff
Matthew Fuller, MD
COVID Medical Staff
Benjamin Williams, MD
COVID Medical Staff

Interested in joining the Wild Health Covid team?

We are growing our operations and expanding with both medical doctors, administrative staff and support staff.

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