Covid-19 Testing and Consulting
For Businesses, Schools & Events

Covid-19 testing services using scientifically and medically validated approaches for large populations, cost-effectively and rapidly.

Wild Health is providing end-to-end covid testing and consulting services for US based businesses, schools and event venues of any size to minimize interruption of operations.

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What Is Pooled Covid Testing?

Quickly and cost-effectively test your employees for covid with a pooled testing approach. Contact Wild Health to determine if this approach is right for your buiness.

Pooled Covid Testing is an underutilized strategy for mass medical testing that conserves time, tests, and costs associated with asymptomatic people’s safe return to work and mass gatherings.

With a pooled testing approach the money and resources conserved would allow for much greater population sizes to be efficiently tested.

This 80-year-old testing strategy was developed to protect the Greatest Generation from infectious disease as they fought for freedom and defended the vulnerable amid World War II.

In some cases, this is the perfect approach when testing is needed for large corporate and business populations.

Learn About Covid Services

How we support you:

Step 1

Free Review

We take the time up front to understand the goals and challenges that each business faces, with an extensive list of questions.

Step 2

Design Testing Strategy

Together we design a testing strategy for the organization to minimize critical business operation while keeping people safe and informed.

Step 3

Implement Testing Regimen

End-to-end implementation: on-site collection to lab results, we deliver certainty, support patients and ensure safe interactions.

Our Covid-19 Testing and Re-Opening Services:

About Wild Health

We are a medical practice founded with the idea that genetic analysis, laboratory results, microbiome, and lifestyle factors are foundational elements of individual health, fitness, and longevity.

Now we are taking that same fundamental approach to helping businesses operate safely and efficiently in the current environment.

Our Team Members

We are a team of medical doctors, entrepreneurs and researchers, committed to resolving the covid-19 pandemic with wisdom, urgency and a desire to support health for the individual.

Covid-19 Testing is a required tool in the fight against covid-19. We quickly realized that many businesses needed a guide to reopening with care and appropriate caution. But there are proven ways strategies that will allow us all to get back to work.

We are here to help people get back to work and play as fast as possible, cost-effectively and correctly.

Learn About Our Team
“Our process saves time, money, and diagnostic resources, and may offer a solution for a safe and quicker reopening of the United States.”
Matt Dawson, MD
Founder & CEO

“They strike the perfect balance between personable and professional.”

– Andrew Clinton, Patron

“The best for a reason – these guys know their stuff”

– Anabelle Porter, Patron

“The team assisted in all facets of our campaign and knocked it out of the park”

– Anwar Sing, Unvest

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Free Covid Reopening Course:

The Wild Health Covid-19 Guide To Re-Opening Your Business Wisely.